You will see our passion for hospitality through the effortless engagement of your guests, in the artful plates we create, and the delight our staffs in serving you. For events of every scale, Amerivents delivers a superior client and guest experience, every time.
A re-invented Queens Museum hosts a launch party in grand style. Watch how Amerivents, the exclusive caterer of Queens Museum, pulls countless elements together to create an unforgettable experience for guests in this remarkable, historic space.
Experts in the delicate balance between attentiveness and discretion, our team members are polished, experienced service professionals, selected for the specific requirements of your event.
Our flexible catering approach means we can provide you with anything from simple buffet basics to the creations of celebrated New York City chefs. Whenever possible, we let the spirit of local flavor shine in everything we do.
Elegant, dynamic, or sporty - the right hand-picked pros for your event or function.

Sports & Entertainment
Providing recruitment, onsite management and quality staff that match your customer and event specific needs.

Coordination and logistics for private, public, and corporate events of any size, nationwide.

Meet just a few of our delicious catering partnerships and enjoy Amerivents staff at your next catered affair.